Hunting,Shotguns & Shooting  |  09/14/2015

2015 Shotgun Preview: Dickinson Plantation / 20 Gauge

The Dickinson Plantation was one of Brad Heidel’s - director of corporate sales for Pheasants Forever - favorite guns tested this year. If you were to ask him to describe a classic upland shotgun, he would paint a picture of the Dickinson Plantation. It would simply have these elements: deeply blued 28” side by side barrels, a hand rubbed oil finish on a premium walnut English stock with a splinter fore end, double triggers, and a color cased hardened receiver. 

Throw in the things not visible on the outside, including selective automatic ejectors and manual safety, and you have one fabulous shotgun. The Plantation is currently available in a 20 gauge version and two sub-gauges, a 28 gauge and .410. You will find included in the 20 and 28 gauges a full set of interchangeable choke tubes, while the .410 simply is choked Full/Full. 

Considering all that is included in this shotgun, you will find it reasonably priced and sold exclusively at Cabela’s retail stores around the country. Many shooters found the double triggers to be a bit of a challenge. Heidel found the Plantation a delight to shoot and hopes to own one himself in a 28 gauge model.