Shotguns & Shooting  |  08/27/2019

Winchester SX4 Field, 20-GAUGE


Shotgun Showcase 2019 Top-10 Pick:

A quality and versatile mid-priced semi-automatic--perfect for the upland hunter

By Rachel Hoveland

Those familiar with Winchester’s line of Super-X semiautomatics will enjoy the latest model to the family, the SX4. This semiauto utilizes the same Active Valve Gas system as its SX3 predecessor, but is redesigned with an updated grip and thinner forearm, as well as an enlarged safety, bolt handle and bolt release – good for colder-weather conditions. Though the firearm comes equipped with optional Length-of-Pull spacers, the SX4 does not include fitting shims like the SX3. New to 20-gauge, the smaller model is 4 ounces lighter than the 12-gauge —ideal for long upland hunting days.

Reviewers commented on the solid, functional appearance, matte black receiver and barrel finish, as well as the reliability of the action. “Nice, lightweight shotgun that shoots true—a versatile option for 20-gauge.”

Includes three Invector-Plus flush choke tubes. Available with a 24- to 28-inch barrel. The 20-gauge model is available in both standard and compact sizing.

MSRP: $939

Weight: 6-10