WATCH: Rooster Road Trip 2020: Day One – Jackson County, MN

9b463c9b-54d1-4a00-b8f9-49ef0a97af6f Rooster Road Trip is back! The year 2020 has brought change throughout our entire country, and the Rooster Road Trip is not immune to these adjustments. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic we’re staying closer to home this week and focusing on the state where we live – and where the organization was founded in 1982: Minnesota.

Although we won’t be traveling to multiple states, the mission of our 11th iteration of Rooster Road Trip remains the same. Our goal is to show that with a little ambition and a lot of boot leather, public land birds can be had by you and anyone who’s willing to purchase a license and explore the fantastic upland landscapes available to all of us.

Day One kicked off with the crew exploring Jackson County and hunting with a PF legend who happens to have a WPA and WMA named after him. This combined with visits from local Jackson and Nobles County PF chapter leaders (and being able to slide six birds in our gamebags) has us off to a great start. #pheasantsforever #roosterroadtrip #responsiblerecreation

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