Hunting & Heritage  |  11/16/2022

WATCH Episode 2: Teton River Bears and Birds


The second stop of the 2022 Rooster Road Trip found us hours away from where we chased sharp-tailed grouse the day before. And although there was some familiarity in being back in what felt like pheasant country, this Teton River Build a Wildlife Area and the animals that call it home were anything but normal for most of us.

Sure, the sweeping views, varied elevation, and picturesque river flowing through the heart of this property were certainly unique. But the fact we were officially in bear country coupled with the knowledge that a hunter had encountered a grizzly here less than a week earlier, made it clear that we were chasing birds in an extremely unique setting. Watch Episode Two and see for yourself!

Watch Episode 2: Teton River Bears and Birds

Habitat protection, enhancement and public access is at the core of Pheasants Forever’s mission and these key activities are at the heart of our Build a Wildlife Area program. None of this would be possible without the generosity of our members, donors, and supporters, and being able to put boots on the ground in such a spectacular place underscored not only the importance of fighting for these landscapes, but also getting out and experiencing them for yourself. After all, they’re there for you, your friends, your family, and your bird dog.

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