Hunting & Heritage  |  12/06/2019

Video: 2019 Rooster Road Trip Day 4

At this point we should probably consider changing the theme of this year’s trip from “Late Season Longtails” to “Wild Flushing Roosters.” Whenever you’re chasing public land birds that have been pressured well into winter, you know they’re going to be cagey. Yes, this can be frustrating, but it’s great to see such high numbers of pheasants (even if they are a hundred yards away) and these massive wild flushes always give you hope that maybe a few stayed put.

That wasn’t the case today. Other than a few hens that held for points, all the pheasants we saw had to be admired from a distance. Luckily, the great state of Nebraska also has quail, and they were more willing to participate.

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