Hunting & Heritage  |  10/12/2017

Save Your Ears. Hear More. Hunt Better.


Gear Review: SoundGear Protects Your Hearing, Improves Your Hunting

By Anthony Hauck

I re-arranged the headline of this gear review three times because it’s hard to choose which SoundGear benefit is most important. 

I settled on saving my hearing first because that’s going to have the longest-lasting benefits to both hunting and life in general. Then, hearing more of what’s going on makes the hunt more enjoyable. And that can also help you get more birds.

Wearing custom-molded SoundGear units, you hardly know they are there. I knew I’d appreciate the hearing protection because I’ve always wore foam plugs while hunting. But you also always know that foam is there.


What I didn’t know I’d appreciate so much with the SoundGear units is this: How much more I can hear of the little things that make the hunting experience better and can even contribute to birds in the bag:

* Hearing my dog work without needing a visual.

* Hearing a rooster cackle off in the distance that I otherwise would have missed, especially with foam plugs in.

* Hearing the beat of sharptail wings off my flank, despite the howling Montana wind, and swinging on the flushing bird long before I otherwise would have.

Bottom line? Simple. Hearing protection the quality of SoundGear creates a hunting advantage while doing something even more important – protecting your hearing. Little sounds are enhanced; big sounds, like the boom of a shotgun, are eliminated.


Every hunter needs hearing protection. Every shot affects your future hearing.

* Young up-and-comers need to start protecting their hearing now. 

* People like me, who could have done better but still have plenty of “ear” remaining, can keep the hearing they have. 

* Longtime hunters who never bothered with ear protection in the field need to consider sound protection to preserve the hearing they have left.

SoundGear offers a variety of hearing protection solutions for hunters. It’s hard to beat their custom-fit solution. Check it all out

SoundGear is also the official hearing protection partner of Pheasants Forever, and a portion of every purchase goes toward the habitat mission both you and I believe in.

SoundGear units come with a comfortable lanyard so you can keep track of your investment.