Rooster Road Trip “Upland Nation”

1ce9170b-99a7-4333-b2f9-4f51232813e1 Pheasants Forever’s Rooster Road Trip 2016 - Upland Nation, an annual digital showcase of upland hunting on public land habitat & access projects, takes to the field October 24th – 28th and November 14th – 18th. This year’s tour turns bird dogs loose on the prairies of South Dakota and Minnesota before venturing south to put boots down in the grasslands of Oklahoma, Kansas and Nebraska.
Criss-crossing the Upper Midwest and Great Plains through the heart of pheasant and quail country and the center of this “Upland Nation,” Pheasants Forever will highlight an array of publicly-accessible lands, including those Pheasants Forever and its quail division, Quail Forever, has played a significant role in creating through chapter and volunteer-led efforts, land purchases, restoration projects and legislative action. The 2016 Rooster Road Trip coincides with a favorable year for pheasants and possibly the strongest quail numbers in a generation.
“Upland hunters are a varied lot. We all have our favorite bird dog breeds and shotguns. There are those who like the early birds, while others hold out for the snow and cold of the late season. And the cackle and flush of a long tailed rooster is for some what a giant covey rise is to another. Despite our preferences, we are all bonded by our need to conserve and create upland habitat,” says Anthony Hauck, Pheasants Forever’s director of public relations, “Hunting is our motivation, habitat is our mission. This is what makes us an ‘Upland Nation.’”
Upland habitat projects on public land or walk-in hunting programs have always ranked as high priorities for Pheasants Forever and Quail Forever members. But the future of upland wildlife conservation depends on adding to the ranks. Now in its 7th year, Rooster Road Trip 2016 will encourage all followers to commit to being part of “Upland Nation.” Any follower who joins Pheasants Forever or renews as a member online through the Rooster Road Trip webpage will receive an exclusive Browning Pursuit Sheep Horn Knife and be entered to win a new Browning Citori 725 Feather 12 gauge over/under shotgun (in addition to the standard benefits of Pheasants Forever membership).
Rooster Road Trip Leg #1
  • Trip Dates: Monday, October 24th –  Friday, October 28th
  • Highlighted States: South Dakota & Minnesota
  • Rooster Road Trip Hosts: Pheasants Forever’s Anthony Hauck, Andrew Vavra, and Logan Hinners
 Rooster Road Trip Leg #2
  • Trip Dates: Monday, November 14th – Friday, November 18th
  • Highlighted States: Oklahoma (quail hunting only), Kansas & Nebraska
  • Rooster Road Trip Hosts: Pheasants Forever’s Bob St. Pierre, Jared Wiklund, and Josh Dahlstrom
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Rooster Road Trip 2016 Sponsors
Rooster Road Trip 2016 is made possible by support from Apple Autos, Browning, Federal Premium Ammunition, Garmin, Nebraska Game & Parks, ZEISS, Danner, YETI, South Dakota Tourism, and HUNT Southwest Minnesota.