Pheasant Hunting Forecast  |  09/09/2019

Wyoming Pheasant Hunting Forecast 2019


“Not-bad” winter, moist spring and summer, could mean some good pheasant hunting in Wyoming this fall.

by Andy Fondrick, Digital Marketing Specialist at Pheasants Forever

A relatively normal winter that didn’t hit pheasants especially hard, coupled with a good springtime and summer moisture that made for excellent habitat conditions, could make for a good hunting season on Wyoming’s pheasants this fall. Traditional strongholds for wild birds include the Big Horn Basin and Goshen County.

Weather and Conditions

“In lower elevations of Southeastern Wyoming we experienced a normal winter,” says Martin Hicks, wildlife biologist with the Wyoming Game and Fish Department. “Spring and summer conditions have been well above average. The cool temperatures with above average moisture should have made for better than average production and survival.”

Habitat, Broods and Counts

According to Hicks, annual crow counts were average compared to past years. “Great moisture has resulted in great forb and grass production,” Hicks says. “It should have been a good year for production and survival,” Hicks says when asked about insights on the 2019 hatch and broods. “However, CRP stands are decadent with poor cover,” he added. In short, Wyoming’s CRP could use some habitat disturbance and management.

Top Spots

Focusing on the southeastern part of the state, Hicks suggests a few different areas to try when chasing roosters: “Walk-in areas in Goshen County will provide the best opportunity, along with our Springer and Table Mountain Wildlife Habitat Management Areas.”

Insider Tip

Hicks suggests logging on to the Wyoming Game and Fish Website to check out the aforementioned “hot spots”, as well as to follow the WGFD stocking plans for Laramie, Platte, and Goshen Counties if you’re interested in a few planted birds.


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