Hunting & Heritage  |  03/26/2020

Throwback Thursday - Podcast Ep. 29: The Pheasants Forever Origin Story with Dennis Anderson

In March of 1982, Dennis Anderson, then the outdoors editor for the Saint Paul Pioneer Press & Dispatch, wrote an article that served as the catalyst launching Pheasants Forever.  On April 15, 1983, the very first banquet in Pheasants Forever’s history took place in Saint Paul, Minnesota. 

To celebrate that anniversary, Dennis was joined by Host Bob St. Pierre and Pheasants Forever’s PR Manager, Jared Wiklund, and Director of PR, Anthony Hauck as he reminisces about the circumstances leading to the creation of Pheasants Forever from the perspective of someone who served as the organization’s first chairman of the board, president and first publication editor. Dennis also tells the story of how the organization’s unique locally-empowering model came to him as an idea in the shower and offers a few thoughts about the future of the organization.