Bird Dogs & Training  |  04/01/2021

Summer Bird Dog Issue Starts the Countdown


Celebrate our favorite hunting partners, and the habitat we roam together, with upcoming Pheasants Forever Journal

By Tom Carpenter, Editor at Pheasants Forever

Winter is behind us. News is that across most if not all of the pheasant range, the birds came through just fine. And while nobody wants to wish away the magic of spring, all that can only mean one thing: Pheasants Forever’s annual and much-anticipated Summer Bird Dog issue is not far off, and it’s going to help you get one more step toward next fall.

If you glommed onto the picture of that cover when you saw it, you might appreciate what I wrote about it for the journal:

Do you ride pheasant hunting’s rollercoaster of emotions? Pride in the beauty of a bird dog in motion. A heartstopping flush or breathtaking point. The thrill of a bird tumbling from the sky.  But one of the best is the draining of the worry and filling of the heart when our dog runs down the inevitable runner or digs up a rooster that has fallen into some hellhole. Pheasants Forever’s Logan Hinners captured such a moment on last fall’s Rooster Road Trip when Gitchee, German shorthair pup belonging to PF’s Bob St. Pierre, dug this downed rooster out of such a quagmire. See the rustling cattails. Hear the splashes. Feel your guts go from despair to joy.

I think you’ll like what's inside the issue too. Four “once in a lifetime” dog stories with some cool art for each of them. (Flavor below.) How-to for hunting a dog in the hot or cold, training for tracking down runners and sailed birds, fitting the gun to your dog and hunting style, and much more. Plus, the important news we always share on what PF is doing to make more places for you and your dog to roam.

Is your membership current? Look for the issue in mid-May or so. 

Have you lapsed, or need to sign up? Join by Tuesday April 6 to make the list to receive the Summer Bird Dog Issue! To that end, here’s more good news:

It also just happens to be Bird Dogs for Habitat month at Pheasants Forever. Get your membership with our great offer! See it below and click there or right here. If you are a current member, take this chance to vote, extend your membership … and get that cool Orvis collar for your canine companion(s).

Go Epagneul Breton!