Hunting & Heritage  |  07/07/2020

Simpler Times


Super Issue Cover Evokes the Spirit of the Uplands

By Tom Carpenter, Editor at Pheasants Forever

Ours is a challenging time.

No matter which “side” of any of the many proverbial fences one sits in our current complex and changing and uneven world, we all as Pheasants Forever and Quail Forever members come together for upland wildlife habitat – mission one at The Habitat Organization. 

And make no bones about it: Pheasants and quail, and the places they call home, sit at the very core of everything PF and QF does. Your efforts and membership and donations make the difference.

But breaks from any grind are essential for the soul, the excitement level, the energy reserve. That’s what PF/QF’s annual late-summer Upland Bird Hunting Super Issue is all about: Getting you primed and pumped for all upland hunting seasons.

As we put the finishing touches on the fourth annual Super Issue, I wanted to show off this year’s cover. It’s inspired by a Great Plains quail hunt, and the related story is entitled A Perfect Little Afternoon. Bob White’s (yes that is his name) painting evokes both the spirit of the uplands and a simpler time.
Because I can’t paint, I tried to give it some words:

Bobwhites buzzing out of the bluestem and coralberry. Brushstrokes of endless fine country beckoning beyond. Feathered cirrus streaming across the prairie sky from yon hills. An old-time upland hunter and his bird dog walk a magnificent sweep of Great Plains bird country, harkening back to a simpler time. Saturday morning’s work at shop, factory, office or farm is over. Free for a perfect little afternoon … let’s go girl! What will we find: pheasants, quail, maybe even a chicken? Hold steady there, here we go … 

What else is in the Super Issue this year? Roosters, of course. Lots – lots – of quail this year! Sharptails. Chukars. Chickens. Ruffed grouse. Bird dogs. Doves. Woodcock. Essays and adventure. Pictures and art. Our annual Shotgun Showcase (13 guns profiled). And 15 “Upland Dream Starter“ hunt ideas to get you stoked. “And much more!”

If your membership is current, look for the issue in your mailbox in early August.

If your membership has lapsed, or might expire soon or you’re not sure, or you’re not a member yet …

... Renew or sign up by July 17 to get on the list to receive the 2020 Upland Bird Hunting Super Issue! 

It’s an especially good deal right now because you receive a $25 Bass Pro Cabela’s Gift Card when you renew or join. And you’re doing the right thing for upland conservation.

As summer turns a corner and goes on the wane, thoughts and hearts – especially this year – turn to bird hunting, bird dogs, and our shared-and-beloved uplands. 2020’s Upland Bird Hunting Super Issue will get you dreaming of simpler times in the field, and readier than ever for the good times ahead.