Quite a Pairing: Wine for Wildlife


Pheasants Forever and Tattoo Girl Wine partner to put more wildlife habitat in the ground and roosters in the air

Story and photographs by Tom Carpenter

What do wine and wildlife have in common, other than some natural pairings for fine meals of wild game?

Turns out a lot, thanks to a new partnership between The Habitat Organization and Tattoo Girl Wine.

“So many people appreciate good wine these days,” says Bill Weaver, a longtime Pheasants forever supporter from Montana and the owner of William Weaver Wines. “We have this new and exciting brand, Tattoo Girl … why not use it to help raise funds for conservation?”

“It’s such a natural,” says Weaver. “So I got together with Jon Lee (another ardent PF/QF supporter as well as a former national board member) and we agreed, it’s a great idea. I presented it to Pheasants Forever, and here we are.”

Here’s how a fine brand of wine — see some of Tattoo Girl’s awards and accolades here — is going to help upland wildlife.

Chapter Fundraising

To kick off a pilot program, a case of complimentary Tattoo Girl wine will go to chapters in Montana, Kansas and Minnesota, for them to use for local fundraising as they see fit. “That’s a pure donation to the chapters,” says Weaver. Chapters will also be able to purchase additional wine for their fundraising efforts. 

“Chapter support will grow in the coming months and years ahead as distribution increases across the country,” adds Chris Kalis, director of corporate partnerships for Pheasants Forever.

Wine Club Royalties

When you order Tattoo Girl wine online at the PF/QF Wine Club, $2.00 from every bottle sold will come back to Pheasants Forever. Purchasing a full case means you generously donate $26.00 to the habitat mission.

Here are a few important details. It’s a “club,” but you only order what you want, when you want. Shipping costs vary by the number of bottles in the order, so buying in quantity will lead to better costs per bottle. Weaver recommends the 5-bottle set. There is no fee to join, and no commitment: just great wine (with a benefit for upland wildlife) when you want it.

Great Wine and a Win for Wildlife

“I’ve been a supporter of PF/QF for a number of years,” says Weaver. “It’s just such a great organization. We are so excited to be able to give back to The Habitat Mission with our newest wine brand.” 

“This is going to be a great affinity partnership,” adds Kalis. 

Indeed. If you can appreciate good wine, now there’s a place to purchase it while you also give back to upland habitat.

Wine for wildlife: It’s quite a pairing.

Tom Carpenter is editor at Pheasants Forever.