Hunting & Heritage  |  09/01/2020

Podcast Ep. 81: Preview of the Prairie Chicken, Sharp-tailed Grouse, and Sage Grouse Hunting Seasons

Host Bob St.Pierre is joined by Marissa Jensen, Tom Carpenter and Chad Love, authors of Pheasants Forever & Quail Forever’s annual Prairie Grouse Primer, for a state-by-state forecast of the 2020 prairie grouse hunting season.  The group breaks down prospects and hunting tips for Montana, Nebraska, Wyoming, Kansas, North Dakota, South Dakota, Minnesota and Idaho. 

Episode highlights:
  • The crew shares their enthusiasm for the first upland opener of the year on September 1st with prairie grouse hunting seasons getting started in Montana, Nebraska and Wyoming.  
  • Carpenter, editor of the Pheasants Forever Journal, talks about how prairie grouse hunting provides the first barometer for the health of the landscape during the autumn bird seasons.  He also shares his love for the freedom prairie grouse hunting provides.  
  • Love, editor of Quail Forever Journal, describes how prairie grouse are potent symbols of the places where they live.
  • Jensen teases a fantastic peach whiskey cream sauce recipe for prairie grouse on the plate.     
  • Each participant highlights how Pheasants Forever & Quail Forever’s habitat mission benefits all the prairie grouse species.