Hunting & Heritage  |  08/19/2020

Podcast Ep. 80: New PF & QF National Board Chair Matt Kucharski Talks Bird Dogs and the Organization’s Future

Host Bob St.Pierre is joined by Matt Kucharski, Pheasants Forever & Quail Forever’s newly elected Chairman of the National Board of Directors, for a conversation that starts with bird dogs and closes with Kucharski’s vision for the organization’s future. In between the duo talk about Kucharski’s role in Quail Forever’s formation, his personal habitat projects, and the bird hunt he is most excited for in the season ahead. 

Episode highlights:
  • The guys talk about the four generations of bird dogs they’ve owned, trained, and hunted together.  They chat about the quirks, hilarious stories, and the heartbreak that accompany every bird dog and hunter relationship.
  • Kucharski talks about LeRoy Neiman’s famous black Lab painting and how much it reminds him of his Labrador “Lucy.”  He also explains how he comes up with symbols representing each of his bird dogs that end up as tattoos on the back of his right calf.
  • Bob and Matt discuss hunting flushing and pointing breeds together and how silent GPS collars saved their hunting friendship.
  • Kucharski describes the National Board’s role to manage risk and plan for opportunity, while explaining the makeup of the Board of Directors and the group’s desire to add gender and racial diversity to the group. 
  • The pair also talk about how diversity and inclusion is critical to the future of hunting and wildlife habitat.  
  • The conversation closes with an update on the organization’s financial health as the COVID-19 pandemic persists and what’s on the horizon for the organization’s future.