Hunting & Heritage  |  06/12/2020

Podcast Ep. 73: Pheasant Predators with Dr. Bill Clark


Dr. Bill Clark, a renowned predator researcher, biologist, and retired professor from Iowa State University, joins host Bob St.Pierre and PF’s Jared Wiklund to talk about predators. The guys have a wide-ranging discussion about all the animals that eat pheasants, from coyotes to feral cats and humans to raptors, with the goal of determining what predator is “Public Enemy #1” to pheasants. The answer is going to surprise you, but the solution should be obvious. Here’s a hint . . . it’s quality habitat!

Episode Highlights Include:
•    Dr. Clark talks about the age-old debate about influencing pheasant populations from the top down (predators) versus the bottom up (habitat).

•    The trio talk about the perceived impact coyotes have on pheasant populations and what’s fact and what’s fiction about their impact.

•    You’ll also be shocked to learn of the impact weasels have on young pheasant chicks during summer brood time.

•    Dr. Clark talks about the times during a pheasant’s life cycle when the population is most influenced by predators.

•    DYK: There are only two predators of skunks? Great horned owls and “stupid dogs!”

•    Pheasants do not live forever. In fact, only 15 to 20% of the females survive to nest one time in their life.

•    And time and time again, the answer to creating more pheasants and mitigating the impact of predators is habitat.