Habitat & Conservation  |  05/15/2020

Podcast Ep. 71: South Carolina Bobwhite Quail and Boykin Spaniels

In this episode, host Bob St. Pierre and Quail Forever’s Director of Field Operations Tim Caughran visit with Michael Hook, quail biologist for the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources. The trio discuss the great work being done in the state to improve quail habitat and wild bird populations, along with the many ways Quail Forever and its volunteers are making an impact. In the end, they make a deal to eat oysters and ice fish, listen in and enjoy the conversation.

Episode Highlights Include:
•    The joys of riding in a truck and finding quality shows to listen to, including Northwoods outdoor radio shows based miles away to learn about ice fishing.

•    We learn the Boykin Spaniel is the state dog of South Carolina, and the history of their role in quail hunting in the South.

•    The group discusses the partnership model working in South Carolina between multiple agencies, making all the pieces come together to restore quail habitat across the state.

•    Michael shares his love/hate relationship with sweet gum trees (mostly hate).

•    The guys discuss the great work done by the Quail Forever chapters in the state, and the unique partnership the Low Country QF Chapter has created with the U.S. Forest Service.

•    The trio also talk about new hunters who are jacked up about bobwhites and the many ways they’ve been introduced to hunting via family, friends, and of course, bird dogs in the South.

•    Finally, the group discusses how to improve habitat in South Carolina, which not only benefits quail, but other ground nesting birds.  The first target on the list – recreational mowing – is defined as well.


If you’re interested in learning more about the work Quail Forever is doing in the Southeast, listen to our previous episode, Quail Forever on the Rise in the Southeast at https://quailforever.org/BlogLanding/Blogs/Quail-Forever/Podcast-Quail-Forever-on-the-Rise-in-the-Southeast.aspx.