Podcast Ep. 59: Grass Awns, Bird Dogs and What You Need to Know


Host Bob St.Pierre is joined by Dr. Kate Kaufman, veterinarian with Blue Pearl Pet Hospital; Jeff Zajac, regional wildlife manager for the Minnesota DNR; and Jared Wiklund, PF & QF public relations manager for a conversation about native grasses featuring large awns. The group discusses both the biological side of grass awns and the potential health ramifications for bird dogs.

Show highlights include:

  • Zajac talks about the species of grasses featuring large awns, their ecological role, and their historic use in CRP mixes.
  • Pheasants Forever & Quail Forever eliminated species of grass featuring large awns from the organization’s seed mixes, where applicable, to help mitigate risk to bird dogs.
  • Most of these grass species, particularly Canada wild rye, occurs naturally on the landscape, so Dr. Kaufman provides important tailgate tips for preventing awn problems in your bird dog.
  • Dr. Kaufman also talks about other important field injuries and diseases, and best practices for keeping your pup safe and healthy all year.