Podcast Ep. #48: Artist Terry Redlin’s Legacy and the 2019 South Dakota Pheasant Season

19beef30-1b30-429b-9eaf-d9a130bcf54f Recording from The Terry Redlin Art Center in Watertown, South Dakota, Host Bob St.Pierre is joined by the Redlin Art Center’s Executive Director Julie Ranum for a conversation about Redlin’s legacy as a wildlife artist and his substantial impact on wildlife habitat.  They also discuss the unveiling of “Country Road,” a recently acquired Redlin original that will be the featured exhibit during the state’s 2019 pheasant hunting season.  Pheasants Forever biologists Matt Morlock and Erica Yost also join the conversation to forecast the pheasant hunting season and provide a few tips for non-resident hunters traveling to “The Pheasant Capital.”  To round out the episode, PF volunteer Jake Hanson talks about the motivations for helping Pheasants Forever start a brand-new Watertown chapter.