Podcast Ep. #39: Minnesota Vikings Head Coach Mike Zimmer Talks Quail

a82e936e-2a39-4804-9e73-d26070581d2d In this episode, our host Bob St.Pierre is joined by Minnesota Vikings Head Coach Mike Zimmer for a quick conversation about his 160-acre farm in Kentucky and how his habitat work on the farm earned him the distinction as Kentucky’s 2017 Landowner Conservationist of the Year. A Quail Forever member, Coach Zimmer also talked about growing up as a pheasant hunter in Illinois and getting hooked on quail hunting during his time in Texas where he quail hunted the King Ranch with Dallas Cowboys’ owner Jerry Jones. Coach Zimmer also talks about the process he’s going through to learn how to shoot a shotgun left-handed after suffering a detached retina injury in 2016.