Habitat & Conservation  |  05/03/2023

Podcast Ep. 213: Does Size Matter When it Comes to Pheasant Nesting?

If given a choice, would land managers be better off adding pheasant nesting habitat in a few larger chunks or dispersed as a bunch of little tracts across the landscape to mitigate the impact of predators on pheasant populations? Host Bob St.Pierre is joined by Dr. Scott Taylor, the National Wild Pheasant Conservation Plan Coordinator, to talk about scientific research assessing small and large tracts of nesting habitat for pheasant reproduction.  

Episode Highlights:  
  • Dr. Taylor discusses the importance of looking at pheasant habitat from “a neighborhood” point of view.
  • The guys also break down the importance of nesting cover, brood-rearing habitat, winter cover, and food plots as landowners approach maximizing their land for pheasant populations. 
Read Dr. Scott Taylor’s new essay, “Play Small Ball or Swing for the Fences?” on pheasant nesting cover and how tract size plays into reproduction success.

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