Habitat & Conservation  |  10/05/2022

Podcast Ep. 185: Artist Joel Pilcher and Collaborating with Orvis for Upland Habitat

Host Bob St.Pierre is joined by Logan Hinners, PF & QF’s lead graphic designer, for a conversation with Joel Pilcher about taking a leap of faith to chase his childhood dream of becoming a wildlife artist. The guys also talk about Hinners’ vision for the rooster and bobwhite quail that Pilcher created using charcoal, and became the images embodying PF & QF’s monumental Call of the Uplands campaign to improve 9 million acres of wildlife habitat.  
Episode Highlights:  
  • In a fascinating portion of the conversation, Pilcher talks about the major differences in his process and mental focus as he works on fine art projects versus digital graphic design artwork.  
  • Pilcher’s stunning crowing rooster and whistling bobwhite artwork are now available on t-shirts through our partners in conservation at Orvis.  And thanks to Orvis’ generosity, all proceeds from these shirt sales will go directly to PF & QF’s Call of the Uplands campaign.