Hunting & Heritage  |  09/07/2022

Podcast Ep. 182: 7 Traits of the Successful Public Land QUAIL Hunter

Host Bob St.Pierre is joined by Quail Forever Journal Editor Chad Love to break down his Upland Bird Hunting SUPER issue article titled “7 Traits of the Successful Public Land Quail Hunter.”  While a “listical” article in format, the conversation brings forth valuable quail hunting nuggets.   

Episode Highlights:  
  • Love coins the term “upland familiarity bias” and explains how that tendency is handicapping traveling bird hunters from finding quail in new terrains.  
  • The pair of Gen Xers lament their slowing metabolisms and the need to run, bike, and cross-country ski as a means of staying in bird hunting-shape during the off season.  They also daydream about a pharmaceutical company being able to synthesize the adrenaline rush of a quail covey rise into an injectable narcotic. 
  • Love also explains his phrase “baby-bear porridge weather,” and its application to quail hunting pressure. 
This is a companion to episode #179 with Pheasants Forever Journal Editor Tom Carpenter breaking down public land tips for pheasant hunters.