Podcast Ep. 172: Habitat Innovations Creating Wild Birds & Clean Water in Ohio

17fc52c0-7afb-47cd-ba6e-1bea6abd0701 Once upon a time, Northwest Ohio’s Wood County produced the highest density of pheasants on record. That was 1940. There is a lot less wildlife habitat and a lot more people in Ohio today. Host Bob St.Pierre is joined by Kent Adams, PF & QF’s director of conservation delivery in the Northeastern U.S., Cody Grasser, PF & QF’s state coordinator for Ohio, and James Harris, PF & QF’s regional representative in Ohio, for a discussion about the innovative private and public land programs producing new habitat success stories in Ohio. While those success stories may never darken the sky with pheasants and quail, the habitat efforts are producing more birds, cleaner water, and greater public access in the state.    

Episode Highlights:
  • Bob talks about the passion volunteers have for the organization with stories of people tattooing PF or QF logos on their bodies and requesting usage of the logos in conjunction with funerals. 
  • It may come as a surprise that there are 27 chapters of Pheasants Forever and 3 chapters of Quail Forever in Ohio. Combined, there are 5,000 members in the state putting Ohio ahead of bird-rich states like Kansas and North Dakota.
  • The guys also talk about the collaborative efforts producing a new 415-acre expansion to the state’s Big Island Wildlife Area.