Hunting & Heritage  |  04/20/2022

Podcast Ep. 162: North to Alaska for Upland Bird Hunting


Photo by Peter Wadsworth on Instagram @phwadsworth

Last summer, Pheasants Forever Precision Ag & Conservation Specialist Emily Spolyar joined Host Bob St.Pierre for a terrific On the Wing podcast conversation with Jennifer Riley about being a new bird hunter in Alaska. That episode served as the catalyst for Emily’s own bird hunting trip to Alaska this past March. In this episode, Emily recaps her experience that included Anchorage couple Jessie Janowski and Peter Wadsworth. Throughout the conversation, Jessie and Peter offer tips to the traveling bird hunter looking to create their own Alaskan adventure during a bird hunting season that starts in August and doesn’t end until March. 

Episode Highlights:
  • The conversation begins with Emily’s impressions of hunting for ptarmigan and grouse on skis and snowshoes for the first time. 
  • Natives of Vermont and New York, Jessie and Peter talk about their decision to move to Alaska and how they became adult on-set hunters to procure their own meat rather than buying chickens shipped 2,000 miles to The Last Frontier.  
  • Peter explains the couple’s backcountry skiing gear and how they prepare for bird hunts in rugged and dangerous terrain that includes avalanches, wolves, and grizzly bears. 
  • The couple also extoll the virtues of being involved with the North American Versatile Hunting Dog Association and how NAVHDA has helped accelerate their dog training and bird hunting learning curve.