Podcast Ep. 161: Iowa State University’s Dr. Adam Janke on Netting Birds with Drones and Habitat Moneyball

9e5f3bee-068b-4cd0-8aa8-24a23142ecb8 Host Bob St.Pierre is joined by Dr. Adam Janke, an assistant professor and extension wildlife specialist at Iowa State University, to talk about pheasant and quail research helping determine “where birds live on farms.” PF & QF’s Director of Government Affairs Jim Inglis is also part of the conversation to explain how he uses Adam’s scientific research in Washington, D.C. to create and improve agricultural policy for wildlife and natural resources.

Episode Highlights:
  • The guys start the conversation with Dr. Janke drawing an analogy from the “Moneyball” concept used in baseball to habitat quality and wildlife population health evaluation.
  • Dr. Janke recounts his undergraduate project while studying at Ohio State University in which he lived with bobwhite quail over the course of two winters to learn about the bird’s response to winter weather and habitat.
  • The group also talk about cover crops, using drones to capture & radio collar birds, and roadside surveying upland birds.