Podcast Ep. 153: Backcountry Quail Hunting and Camping with Llamas Part 1 of 2

3ddcfddf-64ef-474c-91ab-38548a6957d6 After a 26-hour drive from Minnesota to southern Arizona, Host Bob St.Pierre and PF & QF Chairman of the National Board Matt Kucharski are joined around the campfire by veteran quail hunting buddy Wade Zarlingo for a Mearns’ quail hunt.  As a means of getting deeper into the backcountry, Chris Dunn, the owner of Arizona Backcountry Llamas, has brought five llamas to the adventure to haul in camping gear, food, and water for the crew’s three-day hunt. 

NOTE: This episode was recorded LIVE from quail camp around a campfire.  

Episode Highlights:
  • St.Pierre and Kucharski start the conversation talking about their previous Mearns’ hunt in Arizona, and why they felt compelled to drive (rather than fly) all the way from Minnesota.  HINT: They wanted to hunt over their own bird dogs!
  • Zarlingo and Dunn explain how they both got started raising llamas and explain the advantages of using llamas on hunting and camping trips.  Special thanks to Arizona Backcountry Llamas for making this hunt possible.   
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