Habitat & Conservation  |  10/19/2021

Podcast Ep. 139: Getting to Know PF & QF National Board Member Douglas Spale


Photo courtesy of KC Photography

Host Bob St.Pierre is joined by Douglas Spale, a hardcore bird hunter and newest member of the Pheasants Forever and Quail Forever National Board of Directors. The guys talk about Douglas’ Nebraska roots, his “Bird Dog in the City” blog series, and how our podcast episode with Erik Petersen changed his life’s trajectory.   

Episode Highlights:
  • The guys kick off the conversation with Spale’s impressions upon returning from his first ruffed grouse and woodcock hunt in Wisconsin’s Northwoods, a stark contrast to the Great Plains where Spale is accustomed to bird hunting. 
  • Spale shares the poignant stories of his adoption, the important role hunting plays in his connection to family, and the tremendous bond formed with his first young Lab pup upon returning to the city following his father’s recovery from cancer.  
  • Douglas also talks about the absence of Black role models in bird hunting throughout his childhood and how he’s hoping to help fill that niche with Erik Petersen’s son, Kasa.