Hunting & Heritage  |  10/13/2021

Podcast Ep. 138: 11 Tips for Bird Hunting with the Wind


Photo by Dr. Seth Bynum

Tom “Carp” Carpenter, editor of the Pheasants Forever Journal, joins host Bob St.Pierre to add color to his recent PF Journal story “Hunting With the Wind.”  In the podcast, as in the printed story, Carp offers eleven tips for handling wind during a bird hunt.

Episode Highlights:
  • Bob admits to historically not paying very close attention to wind conditions in favor of assessing habitat and following the dog, while Carp breaks down the error of Bob’s old ways. 
  • Carp talks about his journaling habits and how that informs his hunting strategy during different times of the year and under different conditions.
Thanks to SportDOG BRAND, a national sponsor of PF & QF’s habitat efforts, for sponsoring this episode of On the Wing podcast.