Hunting & Heritage  |  08/25/2021

Podcast Ep. 131: Drought in the Desert and an Outlook for Quail in Arizona

Larisa Harding, Arizona Game & Fish Department’s small game program manager, and Jim Heffelfinger, Arizona Game & Fish Department’s wildlife science coordinator, join host Bob St.Pierre for a conversation about Arizona’s Gambel’s, scaled, and Mearns’ quail. Larisa and Jim tag-team a fascinating discussion about how each of these three quail species reproduce at different times and gravitate to different habitats, making this year’s wild weather conditions a boon for some and a bust for others.  

Episode Highlights:
  • Arizona has endured an extreme drought for more than a year, so the conversation starts with an overview of how drought in a desert impacts habitat and subsequently each quail species.  
  • The late summer has brought a much-needed reprieve to the dry conditions.  Larissa and Jim break down how that rain is going to help the three different species of Arizona quail, especially Mearns’.  They also provide an early forecast for the quail hunting season ahead.
  • The group closes out the episode with an overview of habitat projects Quail Forever chapters are working on in Arizona to help improve conditions for each of the quail species.