Podcast Ep. 120: Jim Wooley on being PF’s First Biologist and How to Plant Food Plots

2b926d19-348f-4748-a370-e289e332cc85 Host Bob St. Pierre is joined by Public Relations Manager and habitat junkie Jared Wiklund for a conversation with Jim Wooley, the first biologist Pheasants Forever ever hired. Wooley talks about leaving a great job as the Iowa DNR’s upland bird biologist to join the fledgling habitat non-profit in 1985. Wooley is also credited as one of the biologists who helped create Pheasants Forever and Quail Forever’s Signature Series seed program and is an expert on habitat management, including the establishment of food plots for pheasants, quail, and other wildlife.
Episode Highlights:
  • Wooley reminisces about his 31 years with “The Habitat Organization” through stories of chapters, volunteers, habitat projects, and notable land acquisitions. 
  • Jim talks about his passion for the organization’s unique model and how that approach has always been the organization’s magical component fueling volunteers.  
  • With spring turning into summer, Wooley also offers some planting expertise for the landowner focused on establishing a food plot on their own property.   
Thanks to Polaris, the “Official ORV” of Pheasants Forever and Quail Forever, for being the presenting partner of this episode of On the Wing podcast.