Hunting & Heritage  |  03/17/2021

Podcast Ep. 109: Mountain Quail with Oregon Biologist Mikal Cline

We continue our series of western quail species with this episode’s focus on the mountain quail.  Mikal Cline, an upland biologist for the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife, joins host Bob St.Pierre and PF & QF’s Western Regional Director Al Eiden for a conversation about mountain quail biology, habitat, and hunting tactics. 

Episode Highlights:
  • The group discuss the mountain quail’s geographic range from northern Washington to southern California and some of the bird’s interesting attributes, including being the largest quail species in the United States, it’s elevational migration during the seasons, and it’s showy two feathers making up its head plume. 
  • Cline talks about her fascinating career path which has included stops studying the endangered Atwater’s prairie chickens at the Houston Zoo, tracking bobwhite quail at the Ames Plantation in Tennessee, studying Canada geese in urban Chicago, and working on wild turkey projects for the National Wild Turkey Federation. 
  • Cline also gives some tips on how and where to find mountain quail across Oregon’s vast public land hunting acres.  
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