Hunting & Heritage  |  03/18/2020

Pheasant Country // Pennsylvania Veterans Hunt


Volunteers of North Central PA Pheasants Forever #630 Host Nation’s Largest Veterans Hunt

We often hear the phrase “freedom isn’t free” regarding our celebrated veterans who allow wildlife habitat conservation work to continue year-after-year in America. What is free, however, is the opportunity for servicemen and servicewomen to pheasant hunt in northern Pennsylvania thanks to the generosity of Pheasants Forever volunteers, a local hunting club and a most benevolent community.

In mid-November, the North Central Pennsylvania Chapter of Pheasants Forever hosted 162 veterans during a three-day event at Delp’s Hunting Ground near New Bethlehem.  Featuring more than $14K in donations from 49 organizations and individuals, the annual Veteran’s Hunt caters to all, including those individuals who may have disabilities from wartime experience with the help of UTV’s equipped to carry hunters in, out and around fields.

“Veterans do not have to pay anything to participate in this hunt,” said Larry Haag, Veteran’s Hunt coordinator for North Central PA Pheasants Forever. “It is one way that we can pay back those who’ve served our country. Our hunt has turned into something beyond anything I thought possible, but it is a clear indication that there is a tremendous amount of support for veterans and their families.”

Participants and volunteers for this highly anticipated event included veterans from America’s war on terrorism, guests from states such as West Virginia and Tennessee, and plenty of dog handlers who donated their time and expertise.

For more information about the annual Veteran’s Hunt hosted by North Central PA Pheasants Forever, please contact Larry Haag at 814-771-6887.