Pheasant Hunting Forecast  |  09/19/2018

Oklahoma Pheasant Hunting Forecast 2018

By Tom Carpenter

The rooster report out of Oklahoma is short and to-the-point this fall.

“The last year brought rain to many parts of the panhandle in Oklahoma that had been lacking in years prior,” reports Allan Janus of the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation. “It looks like the improving habitat conditions helped this year’s pheasant hatch, as that part of the range looks to be doing well for pheasants this year.”

“However, as you move closer to I-35, the rain became more scattered and isolated.” He says. “There is good habitat in patches around traditional areas, such as Wakita and Medford. But hunters may have better luck going farther west.”

“Overall, this season should be better than during the drought years that hit us hard between 2011 and 2014,” says Janus, “and we should be seeing pheasant harvest numbers closer to what we saw in 2010 and years prior.”