Habitat & Conservation  |  09/21/2022

Local Chapters Now Accepting Food Plot Seed Orders


Deadline to order seed via local chapters is October 5th

Are you thinking ahead for spring food plots? Pheasants Forever and Quail Forever chapters certainly are, and you should be too, with deadlines looming for bulk seed orders.
High quality food plots can be a critical habitat component for providing top-notch nutrition and secure cover, while directly impacting movement, exposure, health, and survival of our favorite upland game birds. Done the right way and located adjacent to quality thermal cover, food & cover plots reduce exposure to predators and the elements, reduce energy loss, and improve health/survivability prior to entering the spring nesting season. In a nutshell, healthy birds = more birds.
Each September, many of our local Pheasants Forever and Quail Forever chapters across the country put in their pre-order requests for dated corn, sorghum, and soybeans that will be delivered to drop points across the country next spring. Dated seed is only available through our chapters and agency partners and may not be ordered directly by individuals. The seed is made available to chapters through a valuable partnership between Pheasants Forever and Quail Forever and Bayer-Monsanto. Chapters pay a small fee for the coordination and delivery of the seed which is then made available to sponsors, members, and landowners - typically at a “seed pick-up day” in late spring. 
Participating cooperators must sign a Wildlife Technology Stewardship Agreement acknowledging seed will only be used for wildlife food plots and may not be sold or harvested. This ensures local wildlife get the full benefits of secure food when it is most difficult to come by. Annually, this partnership secures around 20,000 bags of corn, sorghum and soybeans which is enough to plant more than 60,000 acres of food plots for resident wildlife.
In addition to dated seed, many chapters are also putting in pre-orders on behalf of their local cooperators for Signature Series Food Plot Blends. These products are available to the public for purchase anytime at the PF Habitat Store (www.PFHabitatStore.com), but when ordered through a chapter, a local committee receives a percentage of the sale which is used to put more habitat on the ground, youth in the field, and birds in the air, right in your backyard.  So, we encourage you to purchase with a purpose and support your local chapter!
Not every chapter throughout the country participates in the pre-order seed program, but many certainly do. Ready to place an order for dated seed or Signature Series Blends? Participate in our seed program at the county level by coordinating with a chapter near you before October 5th:
Click Here to Contact your Local Pheasants Forever Chapter
Click Here to Contact your Local Quail Forever Chapter
Not sure which Signature Series Food Plot is best for your situation?  Check out our Signature Series Seed Selection Guide and read up on our four most popular spring planted mixes below.

Blizzard Buster - $74 / bag
Blizzard Buster is the 800-pound gorilla of winter food and cover mixes.  It includes multiple tall forage sorghums to provide robust winter cover in addition to the many grain sorghum varieties providing quality seed for the birds.  This 1-2 combination provides BOTH maximum shelter AND food for game birds facing the brutal winter conditions in the upper northwest and great lakes states.  In northern climates plant near other secure winter cover to reduce your bird’s exposure to predators and the elements.  A single 25# bag plants 4 acres if established via broadcast and 5 if drilled. 

Covey Rise ($74 / bag)
This mix focuses on providing quality food, bright fall colors and great habitat structure across quail country where winter snows don’t pile as deeply as in the northern climates.  Quail and pheasants alike will feast on the high yielding seeds which also include a couple varieties attractive to deer.  With a medium height of 3-5 feet, Covey Rise also provides a great experience where bird dog and safe shooting can be enjoyed.  Each 25# bag will provide seed for 4 acres if broadcast or 5 when drilled. 

Dove Kandy ($50 / bag)
Sunflowers rank first among the favorite foods of wildlife.  Dove Kandy will drive your doves, gamebirds and songbirds wild!  This blend of small, black-seeded, high oil sunflower varieties are chock-full of energy and just the ticket to draw doves into early fall fields.  Each 28# bag of Dove Kandy plants 4 (broadcast) to 5 (drilled acres and is a proprietary “sportsmen’s blend” of sunflowers with varying heights and maturities aimed to prolong use by wildlife.  BUY IT NOW | PLANTING GUIDE

Winter Shield ($71 / bag)
Winter shield is the choice for pheasant and quail food plots across the Great Plains.  Designed by our team in Nebraska to be loaded with high-yielding forage and grain sorghums and millets to provide the critical energy needed to ensure your birds thrive in winter’s snow and ice.  It creates excellent habitat with great thermal value for both pheasants and quail.  Each 25# bag plants 3 acres (broadcast) or 4 to 5 acres (drilled). BUY IT NOW | PLANTING GUIDE
If you want to see our full list of available Signature Series Food Plot Blends or place an order that gets shipped right to your door, visit us at www.PFHabitatStore.com.  Think Habitat!