It’s Time


Fall journal cover captures the glory of an autumn rooster, while pages celebrate the birds, the habitat and the hunt

By Tom Carpenter, Editor at Pheasants Forever

While cackling is most often associated with springtime and a cock ringneck’s urge to attract a hen, the sharp kyik-kuk! of a splendid rooster greeting a crisp autumn morn’ to tell the world I’m here! is something we all thrill to upon entering a stretch of prime habitat to hunt pheasants. Tom Martineau’s spectacular image for our fall journal cover captures such a moment, right down to the bird’s hot breath. If your heart doesn’t skip a beat or a lump doesn’t rise in your throat (or both) as your bird dog’s ears prick up at the sound, then brother or sister you ain’t alive.

It’s been quite a year. It’s time to hunt. 

That’s why I’m so excited to introduce to you the cover for the Fall Issue of Pheasants Forever Journal. While the words above, which appear in the magazine, try to do justice to the majesty of an iridescent rooster on a fine autumn morning, it’s the image itself that really nudges you in the guts and makes you think … yes, I am ready, it’s time to hunt.

And that’s just what we celebrate in the upcoming issue, which is heading to the printer this week and should be arriving in your mailbox in mid-October.

Of course, you’ll find stories focusing on habitat and heritage too – the cores of PF’s mission. But pheasant hunting takes a front seat, and for good reason: It’s one of the rewards for everything you do, we all do, as members at every level, volunteers, chapter leaders and donors.

Find stories like these:

11 Mistakes Pheasant Hunters Make. Are you committing any of these errors?

Upland Inspirations. 12 tips and tricks for improving your hunt.

Love, Hate, Roosters. Exploring the rooster hunting passion.

To Make a Pheasant Hunter. A new hunter’s story in pictures and words.

Anatomy of an Acquisition. How to help your chapter and PF make more forever-public places to hunt.

Illinois Mega Hunt. A big visit to some of The Prairie State’s top chapters and hunting hotpsots.

If you’re a member, I can’t wait to hear what you think of the Fall Issue. If you’re not a member yet, or if you need to get back on board, there’s still time to make sure you get it:

Join, renew or extend by September 22 and you can still get on the list to receive the Fall Issue! When you do, you get a sweet PF Hoodie too! Do it here, do it now.