Recipes & Cooking  |  02/12/2021

Gamebird Gourmet // Whole Cajun Pheasant


Savor every bit of your favorite gamebird, with a little added spice

What a great way to not leave out any of the bird! Grab your favorite Cajun seasoning for injecting, then follow if up with a Cajun shaker for even more spice. Super easy, really fast & great flavor!


Recipe: Whole Cajun Pheasant

Whole pheasant
Soluble Cajun Seasoning
Cajun Rub
Duck Fat Spray

  • Dissolve 1 lb of seasoning in 2 qts of water and inject the pheasant until it weighs 15% more than before you began injecting. 
  • Separate skin from the breast meat by sliding your hand between the skin and the meat. 
  • Pour the Cajun rub directly onto the meat and then spread it across the breast with your fingers. 
  • Spray the outside of both the top and the bottom of the bird with duck fat and then cover the skin with more Cajun rub. 
  • Set you smoker to 225° and smoke pheasant until internal temp is 165° and then serve hot!