|  04/09/2020

Gamebird Gourmet // Pheasant Brats


Combining pheasant, pork fat, cheese and Excalibur's Hatch Green Chili Bratwurst seasoning is absolutely a winning combination and is an excellent way to enjoy some of that pheasant in the back of your freezer! By adding just pork fat you will still let the pheasant stand out and the hatch, jalapeno and green & red bell peppers in the seasoning work beautifully with pheasant proteins. If you are not a fan of heat try substituting with Tomato Basil Bratwurst Seasoning. 

Recipe: Pheasant Brats

Meat Block 
  • Pheasant breasts (skinless) 
  • 25% of the weight of your pheasant in pork fat - or a 50/50 mix of pheasant breast and untrimmed pork butts 
  • High temp cheese at the rate of 1 lb of cheese per 10 lb of combined pheasant and pork fat 
  • Water 1 oz per lb of meat should be enough 
  • Hatch Green Chili Bratwurst Seasoning 
  • Carrot Fiber 
  • Tubed Hog Casings or Collagen Casings 
  • Meat Grinder 
  • Sausage Stuffer
  • Soak casings in water for recommended amount of time for the casing you chose. 
  • Freeze your pheasant breast until it is stiff but short of frozen all the way through. 
  • Cut all pheasant breast into pieces small enough to easily fit down your Meat Grinders throat and place in the freezer until it almost frozen. 
  • Add pork fat to pheasant and grind twice, first through a 3/8" plate and then through a 3/16" plate. 
  • Add seasoning and any other additives you are using such as carrot fiber to water and dissolve 
  • Pour water and seasoning onto meat and mix until the seasoning is evenly distributed but before the proteins get extracted in the meat.  This is the reason for dissolving the seasoning in water. 
  • Add cheese and mix again until cheese is evenly distributed throughout the meat. 
  • Load your stuffer, being careful not to create any air pockets, and put on the largest stuffing tube that your casings will fit over. 
  • Stuff until your casings are as full as you want them.  Remember, you can always twist the casings a few extra times to tighten them up so an understuffed casing is preferable to an overstuffed casing. 
  • Grill until internal temperature is 165° as this is a fowl or poultry. 
  • Serve on a bun with favorite garnish or enjoy plain.