Habitat & Conservation  |  08/18/2022

Chapter Spotlight: Blue Mountain Pheasants Forever Hosts Statewide Washington Meeting

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Washington chapter leaders met for a habitat show-and-tell and pheasant hunt at the chapter’s long-term Sudbury Road enhancement site

By Brad Trumbo, Blue Mountain Pheasants Forever

Washington’s Blue Mountain Chapter #258 hosted a statewide Pheasants Forever chapter meeting last December in Walla Walla, Washington. Of the seven chapters within Washington State, five were present to collaborate on everything from habitat and youth events to legislation and land acquisitions.

The weekend’s events opened on the evening of December 3 with the Blue Mountain chapter’s first-ever public Pint Night. Attendees gathered for drinks and pizza while chapter president Makaiwi Wachter facilitated discussions on the chapter’s habitat mission and 2022 Women on the Wing program.

The following morning, Washington chapter leaders met for a habitat show-and-tell and pheasant hunt at the chapter’s long-term Sudbury Road enhancement site near Walla Walla. Former chapter president Dan Eveland highlighted the importance of the site to the chapter, wildlife and the public, while habitat committee chairman Larry Boe explained how the chapter has cooperated with the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife to complete a diverse shelterbelt nearly a mile long.

Concluding the habitat demonstration, vizslas, Labs, GSPs and setters took the hills with their handlers in tow. Several hundred acres of CRP supporting a variety of native bunchgrasses and sagebrush holds its fair share of wild pheasants. Savvy dog work and wingshooting opportunity were enjoyed by all, including Michael Brown, PF and Sage Grouse Initiative Field Capacity Coordinator, and his young black Lab who is developing beautiful retrieving skills.

An afternoon business meeting allowed the chapters to collaborate on youth education and shooting events, co-sponsoring an annual roving Women on the Wing event, land acquisitions, and sponsoring the chapter shares of three state Farm Bill biologist positions. Michael Brown fielded questions as chapter leaders sought clarity in how those positions would serve PF at the national and chapter level.

As the meeting concluded, chapter leaders parted ways, having reinvigorated intra-chapter teamwork and support with a refreshing unified perspective on PF mission priorities for Washington State. Thanks to Chad Harvey’s leadership and connecting the chapter leaders, and Makaiwi and Marisa Wachter for planning on behalf of the Blue Mountain Chapter, the meeting was a complete success.

Brad Trumbo from Blue Mountain Pheasants Forever

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