Chapter Spotlight, North Dakota: PF[amily] – Knife River Pheasants Forever

The Knife River chapter of Pheasants Forever won the coveted “Beyond the Bird” award from North Dakota PF in 2020.

By Renee Tomala, North Dakota Field Representative

“Family” is what comes to mind when I think of Knife River PF. They are a strong-knit bunch of folks that says they “bleed blaze orange and native wildflowers.”

Comprised almost solely of life members, this committee is a true champion for mission delivery. The chapter holds double youth pollinator projects annually, conducts learn-to-hunt and shoot events, serves as both mentors & supporters of multiple high school trap teams, and are strong allies of North Dakota’s Conservation Outreach and Precision Ag & Conservation initiatives at the state level. Additionally, Knife River PF is a significant and long-time supporter of upland conservation advocacy at the national scale.

There is no shortage of sweat equity or heart poured into fundraising. This chapter always strives to do MORE (which seems impossible), and they take particular pride in adding members to the ranks of the organization. And If there is a PF event, you’re bound to meet a Knife River volunteer: Pheasant Fest, Focus on Forever workshops and every state meeting.

This chapter is also home to North Dakota’s National Youth Leadership Council (NYLC) Member, Lexi, a rising conservation star who is daughter to Knife River’s president, Randy, but under the supportive wing of the entire chapter.

To say that I am truly humbled to work alongside these folks would be an understatement as this chapter continues to put our grassroots model to hard work every year. My blaze orange cap goes off to Knife River!

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