Hunting & Heritage  |  01/27/2021

Call for Youth Outdoor Stories


Get your young hunter / wildlife lover/ shooter / outdoors lover to write his or her best outdoor story for PF’s Forever Outdoors!

By Marissa Jensen
Calling all kids from Pheasants Forever Families! 
We know each and every young outdoors lover has a remarkable story to share, and we want to hear them. The great outdoors have a long history of writers who love to share their love for hunting, fishing, bird watching, foraging for wild foods and conserving wildlife and wild places. How does this apply to you and your family? 
We welcome anyone under the age of 18 to submit 300 – 800 words to be considered for our Forever Outdoors Youth Journal. Make sure to include photos (in high resolution) to accompany your story. 
Maybe your story will include a love for a bird dog, or why a specific wild place is special to you, or your first pheasant or deer or other game. Perhaps it was a family adventure or tradition. Have you shown the outdoors to someone else or participated in an outdoor activity that is different from hunting and fishing? These are just a few topic examples to consider.
Send submissions to Pheasants Forever Editor Tom Carpenter at Attach a Word file or put the story right in the body of the email. Use “Forever Outdoors Story” in the subject line. 
We know that you have a story to tell. Let’s hear it … and you may see it in a future issue of Forever Outdoors
If your family doesn’t currently receive our youth journal, Forever Outdoors, become a youth member today here.

Marissa Jensen is Education & Outreach Program Manager for Pheasants Forever.