Hunting & Heritage  |  08/25/2020

Buy Browning for the Birds

By Bob St.Pierre

Browning is to hunting what Louisville Slugger is to baseball or Titleist is to golf; the most recognized brand in bird hunting . . . and for good reason.  Browning’s roots date back to the early 1800s with a sterling reputation built over two centuries in the hunting and outdoors industry. 

A longtime supporter of Pheasants Forever, the relationship between Browning and “The Habitat Organization” expanded significantly in 2003.  That year, Browning became the first company to earn the distinction of bringing the Pheasants Forever logo to the retail market on hunting apparel. Since that relationship began, every item of Browning apparel featuring the Pheasants Forever logo has generated a contribution from the Utah-based manufacturer to the conservation organization’s habitat mission.  At the end of the day, Browning purchases have resulted in habitat acres on the ground and birds in the air!  

Last season, Browning updated the popular line of Pheasants Forever upland apparel with new gear for the male AND FEMALE bird hunter in a variety of fresh colors and designs.  Many readers will remember that I’ve celebrated this exciting new collaborative line before; including during last year’s Rooster Road Trip: Wearing the Browning Buck Mark With Pride as Pheasant Hunters and Conservationists and in our On the Wing podcast: Introducing Browning’s 2019 Upland Clothing Line.  To get a look at the full line available for both men and women, go to Browning’s upland clothing page on their website. 

Well, it turns out my excitement was also shared by thousands of other bird hunters last season as the new line of Pheasants Forever & Browning apparel sold out quickly across the country.  But there is good news . . . the shelves have been restocked . . . and the 2020 upland bird season is upon us.  

Following below is a list of outdoors retailers across the country who have the new Pheasants Forever & Browning collaborative apparel on their shelves right now!

Thanks for considering the Pheasants Forever line of Browning upland apparel as you gear up for the season ahead.  Not only does it live up to their trademark slogan – “The Best There is” – but it helps our organization create more quality habitat on the ground for birds, bird dogs, and YOU!