Bird Dogs & Training  |  06/29/2012

Pheasants Forever Puppy Power


Pheasants Forever’s national office in Saint Paul, Minnesota, is experiencing a puppy explosion.

The national office staff, as you would rightly expect, is keeping up the pheasant hunting tradition big time. My co-workers are hunters and dog men. They are leading by example at a time when many around the country are not replacing their dogs and giving up on hunting.

When these guys hear pheasant populations are down, they don’t throw in the towel, no, they just get more field power, more four-legged oomph to roust out those roosters that have survived man’s insatiable appetite for grain and protein, nature’s cold winter, wet springs and other habitat calamities.

Pheasants Forever national office employees who have thrown down the gauntlet against those rowdy roosters with new dog power this year include Ben Streitz, Pheasants Forever Director of Special Markets, and his athletic black Lab, “Pepper”; Bob St.Pierre, Pheasants Forever Vice President of Marketing and his good looking German shorthaired  pointer, “Izzy”; Rehan Nana, Pheasants Forever Public Relations Specialist, and his rambunctious red setter pup, “Annie”; Anthony Hauck, Pheasants Forever Online Editor, and his little English cocker spaniel, “Sprig”; Ron Leathers, Pheasants Forever Director of Public Finance, and his golden retriever, “Keeva”; and Brain Blair with his English cream retriever, “Jag.”

You’ll see this new crop of retrievers, flushers and pointers will be in the fields this autumn. Did you get a new puppy this year? If so, send your photo(s) to – we may run it online or in the Pheasants Forever Journal.


-Mark Herwig is editor of the Pheasants Forever Journal and Quail Forever Journal. Email Mark at‚Äč