This is My Classic Shotgun: 1936 DHE Parker 16 Gauge

  • 02/03/2014
Terry Williams grew up shooting Winchester Model 37s and then Browning automatics, but after high school he lost interest in hunting.  Then, along came a good friend who helped renew it.
“He was into classic doubles and from there I became enamored with Parkers and others,” Williams says.
Williams, who calls North Carolina home, has owned many classic shotguns, but his dream gun is his DHE Parker 16 gauge, which he purchased from Herschel Chadick, a purveyor of fine guns, in Texas 20 years ago.
While Williams didn’t know the previous owner(s), he says whoever originally ordered the double gun used it as a bird gun, as indicated by its chokes – cylinder and improved cylinder – and its 26” barrels. “It’s a classic bird gun. It also has higher grade wood which indicates it was requested this way or Remington (which purchased Parker in 1934) was running out of lesser stocks. The gun was in beautiful condition, which indicates it was well taken care of and used sparingly,” Williams says. The “D” refers to the grade (“A” being top of the line), while the H references it is hammer-less and E its ejectors.
Williams describes his DHE Parker 16 gauge as the gun he always searched for. “It’s hunted birds in Montana, Wisconsin, Maine and Virginia as well as the mountains of North Carolina,” he says, “It’s the go-to gun!”
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