Pheasants Forever Gear Guide: Eyes and Ears

95307308-7dbb-4c8a-a215-0445f265dd3a Sporting clays, trap, and skeet are all great ways to keep your shooting skills sharp in the offseason, and these seven essentials for the range will help protect your eyes and ears while you prepare for fall.
Walker’s Game Ear Pro Low-Profile Folding Muffs
The lightweight, compact folding design of the Walker’s Game Ear Pro Low-Profile Folding Muffs make them the perfect ear muff to throw in your shooting bag so you always have hearing protection on hand. Contoured cups with soft PVC ear pads and a padded headband create a comfortable fit, and the muffs have a noise reducing rating of 31 dB – all for a very reasonable price. $16.
Claymaster Shooting Glasses from Browning

The fully adjustable frames of Browning’s Claymaster Shooting Glasses allow for a perfect fit for nearly every shooter. The interchangeable lenses (orange, yellow, clear, smoke, and blue) exceed industry impact standards, while the padded carrying case and bag help keep everything organized inside your shooting bag. Also available in a women’s model. $45.
ESP Stealth with Nano-Coating
There is no finer protection for your ears from the harmful noises at the trap range or sporting clays course than that provided by Stealth from Electronic Shooters Protection (ESP). The Stealth is a custom-molded, in-the-ear plug that features an intelligent design that protects against noises over 90 dB but still allows you to enjoy those you want to hear in a rich, clear digital sound. The Stealth is now available with the new Nano-Coating, which guards your ESP plugs from the harmful effects moisture can have on intricate internal electronics, volume control and battery contacts. $2100.
Junior Range Kit from Browning
The shooting glasses and ear muffs in the Junior Range Kit from Browning have been reduced 15% in size to better fit your young shooter at the range. The kit has been designed with comfort in mind, knowing that young shooters are more likely to keep the eye and ear protection on if it isn’t painful to wear. Both the eye glasses and ear muffs are built to meet strict safety standards, and the High Visibility Green color provides an extra layer of safety in the presence of other shooters. $35.
Wiley X Valor
No matter which of the interchangeable lenses you select to wear with your Wiley X Valor shooting glasses, your eyes will be protected by a barrier of shatterproof polycarbonate that meets strict military standards, capable of stopping high-velocity and mass impact projectiles. The Valor comes prescription ready, offers 100% UVA/UVB protection and can be outfitted with polarized lenses to handle the glare off of water – making this a pair of glasses you’ll want to wear before and after dusting clays. $130.
SoundGear In-the-Canal
Take hearing protection from the trap range to the field with SoundGear’s In-the-Canal digital hearing protection product. Backed by a 1-year warranty, the In-the-Canal devices are small, lightweight and ready to wear right out of the box. Noise suppression begins at 93 dB, keeping your ears safe from muzzle blasts but still allowing you to converse with your hunting partner while pushing a field of CRP. The best part – try SoundGear’s In-the-Canal devices for 30 days, and if you’re not satisfied you can send them back for a full refund. $399.
Sound Shield for Her from Browning
Eye and ear protection for women shooters come together with the Sound Shield from Browning. The end of each earpiece of the shooting glasses opens to release a corded, retractable ear plug, which have a nose reducing rate of 25 dB. The ear plugs are washable and replaceable, and the polycarbonate lenses exceed impact safety standards. Also available in a men’s model. $30.
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Story by John Pollmann
Main image photo credit: Pheasants Forever Staff