Minnesota’s Riparian Buffer Bill Heads to The Capitol

A buffers bill created to protect Minnesota’s waters and critical wildlife habitat was introduced in the Minnesota House of Representatives (HF 1534) on Tuesday, March 10th. A buffers bill is also being introduced in the Minnesota Senate (SF 1537) on Thursday, March 12th. This bill is supported by Governor Dayton and backed by both Democrat and Republican leadership.
The purpose of the Minnesota buffers bill is to:
  • Protect water quality from erosion and pollution.
  • Stabilize soils, shores and banks.
  • Provide aquatic and wildlife habitat.
Pheasants Forever supports this buffers legislation and requests our members contact their Minnesota Senators and Representatives with the following messages:
  • Minnesota needs to implement a robust buffer program to protect our cherished waters, reduce erosion and enhance wildlife habitat.
  • The goal for Minnesota is improved water quality and habitat conservation in harmony with agricultural production.
  • When conservation is collaborative and setup to compete economically for private landowners, then all stakeholders win.
  • This bill is an important step toward improving water quality and creating wildlife habitat. However in order to improve the state’s wildlife populations, a wide variety of additional measures are necessary to create a true habitat mosaic on the landscape; including buffers, pollinator plots, land acquisitions, CRP, wetlands, etc. Your children and grandchildren are depending upon our vision TODAY for clean waters, healthy prairies and abundant wildlife in harmony with sustainable agricultural production . . . in other words, it’s time to voice your support for the Minnesota we all love!
​Photo credit: Pete Berthelsen / Pheasants Forever