|  03/12/2013

Bird Dog Question: Help for High-Energy GSP Owner

Activity is usually the best medicine for a high-energy bird dog. Photo by Anthony Hauck / Pheasants Forever

Any help for a German shorthaired pointer owner that can’t tire out his 4-year-old?
-Todd McMillan via Pheasants Forever’s Facebook page
If the dog’s literally bouncing off the walls, it could be that he has a hyperactive thyroid. He needs to take the dog to his vet and have blood drawn for a work-up to determine if that’s the case. If so, the condition can be controlled with medication.
If that’s NOT the issue (and assuming the vet can find no other medical reason for it), all I can suggest is exercising the dog as frequently and vigorously as possible to try to take the “edge” off. Other than that, I’m afraid he’ll just have to learn to accommodate the dog’s idiosyncrasies and live with them as best he can. You gotta dance with who brung you, and all that. Most of us would rather have a dog with too much energy than too little!
-Tom Davis pens the “Gun Dogs” column for each issue of the Pheasants Forever Journal of Upland Conservation
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