|  01/21/2014

Annual Report: Top 25 Education & Outreach Chapters

Pheasants Forever chapter-led mentored youth upland hunts remain a popular way to introduce youngsters to the outdoors and conservation. Photo by Aaron Atkinson

Pheasants Forever and Quail Forever chapters held 904 youth events in 2013, including 697 youth shooting sports events. In the last year, 48,767 youngsters participated in chapter sponsored mentored youth hunts, target shoots or other youth/conservation events – an organizational record. These were the top chapters in 2013 at investing their locally-raised funds into Pheasants Forever’s mission via conservation education and outreach.
2013 Education & Outreach – Top 25 Chapters
Red River Valley (ND) $92,286
Crawford County (IA) $38,000
Ida County (IA) $35,340
Mahaska County (IA) $34,435
Carroll County (IL) $33,221
Illinois Pioneer $31,592
Southeastern Ohio $31,232
Northwest Suburban (MN) $28,713
Ingham County (MI) $28,713
Grand Valley (MI) $25,099
Texas Ringnecks HS (WY) $25,088
Audubon County (IA) $24,678
Peaceful Valley (ND) $23,455
Ashland County (OH) $22,159
Dickinson County (IA) $21,539
Metro Denver PF & QF (CO) $20,794
Full Circle Farm (SD) $20,000
St Louis/Carlton County (MN) $19,040
Carver County (MN) $18,730
Elkhorn Valley (NE) $18,658
High Plains (WY) $17,590
Anoka County (MN) $15,900
Mississippi Longtails (MN) $15,511
Aldo Leopold (IA) $14,914
Kishwaukee (IL) $14,516
Field Notes are compiled by Anthony Hauck, Pheasants Forever’s Online Editor. Email Anthony at AHauck@pheasantsforever.org and follow him on Twitter @AnthonyHauckPF.