Conservation  |  04/09/2015

Action Alert: Water Quality Buffers Initiative

As a conservationist, you’re well aware of the vital connection between wildlife habitat and water quality. Unfortunately, Minnesota continues to lose upland and wetland acres, and the effects on our most precious natural resources are downright scary:
Decades in the making, these problems are here and won't get better without aggressive action. That's why Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton launched the Water Quality Buffers Initiative, a sensible approach to establish 50’ buffers along the state’s waterways. By creating 125,000 acres of perennial grass habitat along waterways, Minnesota will better protect its water resources and set a new conservation standard.
Minnesota needs your help to see the Water Quality Buffers Initiative is passed. Please contact your state representatives today and ask them to support this common-sense effort to build habitat, reduce soil erosion and protect Minnesota’s number one resource.
Minnesota’s water and habitat have suffered enough loss in recent years - we can’t afford another one. Please voice your support for the Water Quality Buffers Initiative today.