Go FIshing for Pheasant Habitat

As I compose this blog, there is three feet of ice on Minnesota’s lakes and the temps have barely poked above freezing since December . . . keep in mind, it’s now mid-March.  “Cabin Fever,” the winter-induced need for sunshine on our skin, has gripped Midwesterners stronger than any time in recent memory.
There are lots of ways to medicate Cabin Fever.  Cold beer has limited effectiveness and definite side effects.  A spring break to a tropical destination is always a great short-term reprieve, but the return home to winter’s stranglehold can be more devastating than anything.  My Cabin Fever antidote of choice consists of fishing daydreams and planning my summer’s destination calendar.  Top on this year’s list of destinations is Driftwood Lodge & Resort on Lake Kabetogama in Northern Minnesota.
It may seem odd to be writing about fishing on a blog devoted to wildlife habitat, bird hunting, and bird dogs; but allow me to make the connection.  You see, over the last few years, Pheasants Forever has been working with fishing and hunting lodges, guide services and outfitters all over the world to provide our chapters with discounted trips.  In turn Pheasants Forever & Quail Forever chapters raffle or auction these trips off at banquets around the country in the hopes of raising a few more habitat bucks than they invested in the trip.  Since this trip program was created, no destination has helped raise more dollars for pheasant and quail habitat than Driftwood Lodge & Resort.  That’s quite a remarkable testimonial to the generosity of Driftwood managers Kent & Dawn.
Driftwood LodgeI first stayed at Driftwood Lodge in September 2011 and found a quintessential Minnesota “surf & turf” heaven of walleye fishing in the morning and ruffed grouse hunting all afternoon.  Lake Kabetogama is absolutely filled with “ol’ marble eyes,” as well as northern pike, smallmouth bass, jumbo perch and slab crappies.  And, just a few miles away in virtually every direction are thousands of acres of public state forest lands open to ruffed grouse hunters.  The good folks at Driftwood can also arrange guiding for black bear hunts during the autumn as well.  Needless to say, Driftwood has achieved its lofty stature in our trip program for its wide array of outdoor activities and exceptional customer service.
I’ve already remedied my Cabin Fever by booking a family vacation to Driftwood Lodge & Resort this August.  If you’d like to book a Driftwood vacation of your own, please attend one of the following Pheasants Forever or Quail Forever chapter banquets listed below.  These chapters have already purchased a Driftwood trip and will have it available for raffle or auction.Otherwise, please contact Kent or Dawn at 218.875.3841 to book your own Driftwood Lodge stay.  And, please let them know you appreciate their support of Pheasants Forever’s wildlife habitat conservation efforts:
3/16/2013 –        Woodford County (Illinois) PF
3/16/2013 –        Illinois Pioneer PF
3/23/2013 –        Southern Prairie (Iowa) PF
3/23/2013 –        Tri-County (Minnesota) PF
3/25/2013 –        Wright County (Minnesota) PF
3/25/2013 –        Hamilton County (Iowa) PF
3/29/2013 –        Franklin County (Iowa) PF
4/6/2013 –          Little Bluestem (Illinois) QF
4/6/2013 –          Broad River (North Carolina) QF
4/6/2013 –          Three Rivers (Iowa) PF
4/26/2013 –        St. Louis/Carlton (Minnesota) PF
4/27/2013 –        Wyota (Missouri) QF
6/1/2013 –          Kingsley-Pierson (Iowa) PF
The Pointer is written by Bob St.Pierre, Pheasants Forever & Quail Forever’s Vice President of Marketing.  Follow Bob on Twitter @BobStPierre .