Gear Head: YETI Hopper Flip 12

815bc775-1e00-4075-ac9b-c7810cb33f92 YETI_Flip.jpgI’m sure you’re familiar with the tired cliché “sometimes less is more.” In the case of the YETI® Hopper Flip 12, “less” equals more manageable, more convenient, and more versatile. Does this 3.2 gallon cooler have more of a price tag than some other options? You bet, but like all YETI® products, you actually get the overbuilt construction you pay for.

When it comes to escaping with the dog on a solo mission with some waters, sandwiches, and a couple of twilight brews, the Hopper Flip hits the sweet spot I’ve been looking for. On top of this, the new Field Tan color lends itself to dove and duck blinds in addition to its regular tailgate duties. Which is exactly why this smaller cooler gives you more bang for your buck.

Andrew Vavra is Pheasants Forever’s director of marketing